Project Description

Once receiving your inquiry I will make it my duty to keep in regular contact to ensure the whole process is easy and enjoyable.


First of all I will contact you to arrange an on-site survey; this will be at a convenient time for you. This will allow me to discuss your plans in more detail and to gain relevant information about your property.



The quotation is provided in a broken down format which allows complete transparency of all costs, while a detailed description of works is included. All quotations are fixed for the duration of the project and are subject to full terms and conditions. As a company we are very competitive on price and it’s certainly not in our interests to overcharge any client.




Our_Quote_Acceptance_Letter_IconQUOTE ACCEPTANCE
Should you wish to proceed with my quotation you must sign (handwritten or electronically) and return my quote acceptance letter which is situated at the bottom of the quotation.





Terms_and_Conditions_Icon(1)TERMS AND CONDITIONS
To ensure you have full peace of mind about your project Andy Kay Construction provides full terms and conditions similar to those recommend by Federation of Master Builders (FMB) or Joint Contract Tribunal (JCT). All aspects are covered within this document such as the type of works, contract period, contact price, terms of payment, health and safety and much more. Every project no matter the duration or value will not back by our terms and conditions



Once my terms and conditions have been agreed to and signed by both parties Andy Kay Construction will arrange a second on-site survey. This will allow time to plan the most effective way to complete the project such as logistical processes, location of delivered material, causing minimal disruption to the property and surrounding areas.

Depending on the type of works proposed depends on the preparations you need to make. You may wish or need to move certain items depending on the area of which the works will take place.


Access__Sercuity_IconWORKING AREAS
At times it may be suitable for Andy Kay Construction to leave materials and equipment in an area of the property if the works spans more than one day, however before doing so we would ask for your full agreement. We would ask for children and pets to be kept out of the immediate area where the works are taking place. This is primarily for their safety as sharp materials, power tools and cutting equipment may be present which can cause serious injury.




The length of time between accepting our quotation and the start of works relies on two things, the first being our current work load and two a time suitable for you to have the works completed. We will however, agree with you a proposed start date for your project and will inform you of the likely duration of the works. Andy Kay Construction will be responsible for the timely completion of the works; whilst every effort will be made to adhere to the agreed times.



All works carried out by Andy Kay Construction will be completed to the necessary regulations where appropriate. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, it is the responsibility of the home owner to ensure all necessary approvals and permits are obtained prior to the start of the project. If you are struggling with this aspect please do not hesitate to contact me with your queries as I can offer my full advices on building regulations, planning permission, plans and initial designs.


The works will be completed in accordance with the information provided in the terms and conditions. Should you wish to make any changes to the works then it’s your duty to communicate with us at the earliest opportunity.



Andy Kay Construction will be responsible for the timely completion of the work consistent with the time limits set out in my full terms and conditions.




Andy Kay Construction will arrange all deliveries in accordance with the project at a time which does not cause large amounts of disruption. Deliveries will be placed in a suitable area of the property to increases the ease of work.




Andy Kay Construction will treat your home with the upmost respect. In every case the greatest care will be taken to ensure no damage is caused to your property or furnishings.

All areas will be protected with the necessary covers or dustsheets which will be distributed in the areas likely to be walked or worked on. At the end of each day protective covers and dust sheets will be removed along with all rubbish generated throughout the day.



Throughout the project we will spend time going over key areas of the works completed to ensure it’s to your approval. Upon completion we ask that you are available to spend some time inspecting the works completed with us so we can be assured it’s to your approval and you are totally satisfied with our efforts.



Depending on the total value of your project depends how many payments you will make. Payments will be broken down to cover the cost of each mayor stage of the project, for example groundwork’s, superstructure, roof, windows and doors, 1st fix, 2nd fix. We will always leave a retention payment to ensure you piece of mind.